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The Application of LTCC and LCP technology in Microsystems Engineering and Opto-Electronic Devices

The main objective of this project is to develop packaging capabilities based on LTCC or LCP manufacturing technology. This technology platform is to be used for the production of optoelectronic packages.

Simulation and Implementation of an Optical Encoder

The incoherent wave front emitted from a LED can be modelled by analysing the Optical Scattered Distribution Function (BSDF) produced by the surface reflection of a Lambertian wave.

Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis

Advances in medical care mean that pregnant women can now undergo various tests to ensure the health of their baby before they are born. However, some of these necessary tests can occasionally cause harm to mother or baby. Some of the risks associated with current procedures include bleeding, leakage and infection of the amniotic fluid and miscarriage.