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Field Forming Antennas

Field Forming Antennas are a new class of Multiple Dielectric Antennas (MDA) intended to be used in microwave to mm-wave broadband with high bit rate communications systems. The novel approach of this new class of MDA is the design and manipulation of the antenna's dielectric properties in order to achieve beam forming and beam agility. This project will be investigating design issues concerning the dielectric geometric properties as well as material properties. In addition it is to investigate the manipulation of these properties with the aim of manifesting a working device.

Enhanced Electroplating of Vias using Megasonic Deposition

The Memsa project investigates the electroplating process and introduces enhancement technologies to increase its efficiency, reliability and environmental friendliness. The technology of choice is megasonic enhanced electroplating, which utilizes a high frequency acoustic agitation. This enhancement overcomes the common limitations of agitation near the surface of the substrate and in high aspect ratio microstructures. This will make it possible to fabricate more complex electronics and make some of the electroplating additives redundant.

Development and Characterisation of Vapour Phase Sacrificial Etching and Organic Deposition for MEMS Fabrication

Vapour phase sacrificial etching and organic film deposition are key process steps in the manufacture of many MEMS devices. The vapour phase sacrificial etching is used to release certain structures that define the functionality of the device. The organic film deposition has been extensively used as an anti-stiction coating which improves the yield of these MEMS devices and is now being used to add further functionality to devices such as hydrophilic, anti-fouling and bio-active properties.