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Thermal Cycling oven
Used for investigation of ageing effect on produced MEMS-devices and mateiral samples.
Physical vapour deposition device
6 wafers can be deposited with 4 different materials in one pass.
White Light Interferometer
Resolution of 1 nanometer in vertical direction
Gold Ball Bonder
4124 (K&S)
Capable of wire-bonding a device within an area of 152mm x 152mm using thermosonic energy.
Keysight Oscilloscope & Wavegenerator
OSC-X 3024T (Keysight)
Oscilloscope with built-in wave generator (up to 20 MHz)
Scanning Electron Microscope
Used for sample analysis.
Electroplating bath
DC and pulse-plating possible. Suitable for wafers with a diameter of up to 20 inches.
Planetary Ball Mill
Impact grinder, capable of pulverising a wide range of materialsd down to 100 nm particle size.
Lapping / Polishing system
PM5 (Logitech)
Capable of lapping and polishing 75mm substrates down to sub-micron planarisation and surface finish.
FC-6 ( Karl Suss)
400X magnification, Resolution XY: 0.5 um, Theta: 9urad, Leveling: 25urad, Heating up to 400 C. Solid ball and cup leveling, no lateral force component.
CNC Laser Cutter
Mini 18 (EPILOG)
10.6µm CO2 laser cutter, used for rapid prototyping of PMMA, LTCC green sheets and tools.
Powder blasting
Nema series (Texas airsonic)
Principle based on casting particles at high speed toward a substrate. Capable of machining material such as glass, silicon, green tape ceramic. 9 to 30 um alumina particles available.
Chamber Furnaces with Brick Insulation
LH 15/13 (Nabertherm Ltd)
Maximum Temperature: 1300C. Inner dimensions: 250 x 250 x 250 mm. Cooling fan integrated. Controller C 290: 9 progams, 16 segments
LTCC Stacker
Inductor Stacker 15-2M (Keko)
Semi-automatic, up to 100ºC and 200 kN force
Vacuum-bag-sealing unit
Used to prepare manual stacking tools for the lamination process.
Fully Automatic Screen Printer
Horizon 03i (DEK)
Emulsion or stencil printing
Isostatic lamination system
ILS-4 (Keko)
5-50 MPa at 85 ºC