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Novel Patterning Technologies for Ceramic MEMS

TitleNovel Patterning Technologies for Ceramic MEMS
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsWilhelm, S., Y. Lacrotte, R. W. Kay, and M. P. Y. Desmulliez
MagazineAdvancing Microelectronics
Issue Number2
Date Published03/2012
Keywordsceramic, embossing, LTCC, MEMS, microsystems, powder blasting, screen printing, stencil printing

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) technology is a flexible, high throughput and low cost process used increas- ingly in a wide range of ceramic devices. This paper presents three novel patterning technologies, which employ reusable templates for accurate and high definition patterning. A dry patterning processing using power blasting and a precision template to generate 3D features below 100μm on LTCC are reported. A unique dual layer stencil printing process capable of printing down to 40mm wide lines is also presented. Finally a micro-embossing process, which is integrated into standard MEMS processing steps, is demonstrated. As case studies of these novel patterning two ceramic MEMS devices are fabri- cated: a 6 degree-of-freedom MEMS actuator and a ceramic microfluidic mixer.