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Surface Acoustic Wave devices for the manipulation of fluids within microfluidic based systems

Mazher-Iqbal Mohammed, Dave Flynn, Richard Fu and Mansour Algane
The application of SAW devices within microfluidics for advanced fluidic control and manipulation
      Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices are emerging devices that have received considerable interest towards their integration within lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic structures. The acoustic waves are created by the use of Interdigitated transducers (IDT). The IDT produces an acoustic wave that propagated across the surface of a coupled substrate. Surface acoustic waves have been demonstrated to be able to impart a force upon fluidic droplets, allowing for physical manipulation and transportation.
     This project will investigate the integration and coupling of SAW transducers to microfluidic structures.  Coupling of the transducer to a microfluidic channel will allow for the investigation of a given SAW device’s ability to manipulate fluids under various static and flow conditions. Such devices could serve as novel enabling tools with which to perform and analyse biological reactions within a chip based platform.